Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Monster Skof Tins

Looking at the fridge at work packed with lunch boxes and Monster energy drinks I start to wonder where the word Skof Tin comes from does? Way back in my memories the word Skof Tins synonymous with railway and mine workers lunch boxes made out of metal.

At first I thought Skof was a slang word for eating food in a hungry manner but after asking around and doing some digging back into time I found out that Skof is the Afrikaans word for shift. Railway workers and miners worked in shifts and their lunch or dinner was packed into Shift Tins. Later they were made out of polish steel and with brass fittings. As the saying goes “no man deserves a Skof Tin if he refuses to polish it”. Now days as you can see our Skof Tins are made from plastic.

Will we ever see the likes of Skof Tins again?

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