Friday, 29 August 2014

Feeling Bosasa Blue

The Big Bosasa Paint Day dawned, and we all arrived at work wearing our old clothes ready to get stuck in and paint our offices. We had decided to paint one side of the office blue, the other a golden orangey yellow, and accent in red. My office side was going to be blue but along the way it was swopped with the yellow, hence I was feeling blue while I painted my office.

It should have been the blue, but oh well there goes my peaceful colours to a more bounce off the walls one. Looks like I have to move my morning meditation into the gardens. The lush gardens at Bosasa are very tranquil but it has been very cold in the mornings lately. Hopefully with the coming spring, the gardens will be the place you’ll find me first thing in the morning.

Ella, tried to bring a smile back to my face with her painted message on her wall. The overall effect of our big paint day was surprising very good. Maybe I should always leave to the experts as they know what they doing. Yehaa how about a little Blue Grass!

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