Sunday, 5 January 2014

Last Day of Summer

On the last day of the summer holidays is here and tomorrow is back to work. Skye went back for his daily visit to the vet, who is still no closer to what Skye is suffering from. Skye's fever is still in the 40s˚C and has not broken. His nose is bunged up and his is battling to breathe so much so that he doesn't want to eat on his own therefore I have to hand feed him. Last night was difficult as Skye kept pacing up and down, as he was finding it difficult to breathe lying down. He keeps rubbing his muzzle with his paws. This is a time where I wish he could just blow his nose.

The vet is very concerned because of the immune suppression medication that Skye was on, would have caused him to catch just about anything such as a fungal respiratory bug. Luckily she has allowed Skye to go home but has to go in every day for a status check and more medication.

This afternoon, we had a final braai (a South African barbeque) for the summer on my front lawn, and Skye enjoyed lying in the shade of the large tree in our garden, while I tended to the meat on the braai. Sorry Skye no steak for you, only rice and boiled chicken.

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