Monday, 1 July 2013

Ingress Level 8

Finally I reached the top, Level 8 of the augmented reality game by Google and Niantic, Ingress. Our trip into Soweto yesterday left me just 25,000 Action Points (AP) short of Level 8's 1,200,000 AP.

On the way to work, a plan was hatched. After taking care of three portals before work and one during lunch I was left with only 8,000 AP to reach my goal. After studying the lay of the land, I planned my route home to sort out four portals but only after capturing two and forming two fields I found myself only just 18 AP short. So I hacked the nearest green portal for an easy 100 AP. Now I am Level 8, a good start to the week and here is a screenshot of my Ingress scanner on my cellphone.

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Martijn Vreugde said...

Congrats!! way to go!

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