Sunday, 28 October 2012

Magic Mike

Saturday has arrived with lots of plans for the day but a spanner was thrown into the deck by Skye who virtually was coughing his lungs out. So the first order of the day was off to the vet. Now because my budget for the coming month was very tight I could just go to my normal vet. Lynda had told me about her vet who was more affordable.

Arriving at this vet, I just want to turn around and run as the first impression was a hillbilly establishment. After waiting for a why in reception come office come pet food shop come store room, the vet arrived from doing his banking and put me at ease with his bed side manner. Skye was diagnosed with Kennel Cough. Uhmmm, my dogs socialise a lot so he could have picked up this virus from any of the dogs we come across. Poor Skye is now on a course of antibiotics but will be alright.

After dropping Skye back home it was too late for the Zoo Photowalk and I had to rethink about getting a new battery for my cellphone due to vet costs, so I went off to the Outer Limits as it is Matthew’s birthday next weekend and it was there that I met the Grand Wizard Mike who holds Magic the Gathering tournaments every weekend at the Outer Limits in Melville. Ohhh look a Lightsaber, oh no even better a Sonic screwdriver. Everywhere I looked I battled to choose what Matthew would like as he would have liked everything there. No power in the universe can stop the Daleks! Bazinga!

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Momcat said...

So its good that you listened to Lynda because even the hillbilly's need a good vet for their animals!

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