Sunday, 21 October 2012


I was sitting on my patio watching a storm brew while dusk crept up. Now it is lashing down and I had to rush and batten down the hatches. Uhmmm I love the smell of rain after a hot African day.

This morning, I was on duty at BBC with Leon, shown above. We were the ushers and no one messes with large ushers with big smiles, no one. After BBC, Matthew and I went to check out Zaps at Brightwater Commons for his birthday Xbox party in two weeks time. Then back home for a lazy Sunday afternoon. I woke up after a cat nap with my right knee aching. It must be my old horse riding injury or I wonder, maybe I getting to be like those weird folks whose knees ache before rain comes. Oh dear, that is a sign that I am getting old like Noah. Sigh!

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Anonymous said...

So long as you dont cause floods, uh oh...too late, that's already happening in Cape Town! Better start building our boats...!

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