Wednesday, 17 October 2012


This evening I had planned pizza with my mentor and a friend of his but that was postponed till next week early in the day. So with nothing much else planned I was expecting a quiet evening at home. But my life seems so busy lately that quiet was far from what happened. Jenny, a pancreas cancer survivor which I met only once before heard from Desiree, a mutual friend, about where my health is at the moment, invited me to dinner at Desiree and Marilyn's place. Jenny wanted to speak to me about where I am at health wise and mentally and she invited me to a support group of cancer survivors where I can get all my questions answered.

As for supper, Dennis cooked an awesome spicy pasta and mince. Dennis is Desiree and Marilyn's tenant staying in their cottage. He is from France and is in South Africa on a contract with Arcitel pimping their affordable smart phones and tablets to our local cellular companies.

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Momcat said...

Its good that you were invited to join a support group not only to be supported at this time but also to provide support to others which you do so well.

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