Thursday, 18 October 2012

Baby Strelitzia

Hey before I continue, I need to let you know, tomorrow, yes tomorrow is Friday. Just in case you were like me, losing track of all these days in this long week. Anyway I wasn't sure what photograph to take today and I was taking photos of reflections of myself, Noma's hand and even nearly started a foot fetish with a few photographs of Delia's naked feet. I am opening bids for anyone wishing to add to their collection of naked feet.

Luckily Delia saved the day, by bringing me the subject you see above in the photo, a baby strelitzia. What? Yes seeds from the beautiful flowering Strelitzias, even their seeds are awesome.

1 comment:

Momcat said...

Its obviously the distraction of those naked feet that are causing you to lose track of which day we are on! Interesting pic of baby Strelitzia's.

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