Saturday, 15 September 2012


My busy Saturday started with hanging up a load of washing up but that was delayed because arriving at the washline, I noticed someone left the gate open to my cottage and all my dogs where running amok. So after herding them back into the yard, the phone rang so I rushed back upstairs to find my neighbor calling to let me know that my dogs were out. Thank you, my weekly run done and dusted, and back to hanging up my washing.

Then it was off to Irene Dairy Farm for breakfast with my boet and as I was leaving it started to drizzle lightly. Oh well the washing just has to stay out. I spent a wonderful morning just chatting to my brother, Anthony and before we knew it, the morning was gone.

With half the day gone, it was now the long trek back to Johannesburg for a Fun Seekers and Joburg Photowalkers stroll in Kensington. Now who would have thought that there where so many historical buildings in Kensington and such lovely people in the Fun Seekers Meet up Group.

Today’s photo of my blog was taken outside the Fairview Fire Station where I found this chap selling Runaways for R1.00 each, which are braaied or barbecued chicken feet. If the street vendor was selling chicken heads as well, both would be called Walkie Talkies, go figure.

It has been a busy day with me only tearing myself away from the Kensington Bowling Club way after dark to take my washing off the line.


Lynda van Rooyen said...

Hi Jerome, it was a fun afternoon and great to meet you too. Amazing things to see on the streets and people who you wouldnt ordinarily even stop to speak to. Every experience adds value to your life. Rgds, Lynda PS hope your washing didnt get wet!

Jerome West said...

Yes it was a fun afternoon, and it only got better the following day.

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