Thursday, 6 September 2012

Monkey's Wedding

With the thunderstorm that broke in the early hours of this morning, it dawned on me that the rain was still settling in. Now I had to use the car like normal people and sit in rush hour traffic. I tried driving to work early before the mad rush and followed one of Trevor Noah's Joburg Traffic Tips – when in doubt, follow a taxi driver. And it worked as I was arrived at work in record time in spite of the rain. It poured and hailed all day and didn't seem it was going to lift. It was only when I arrived back home after work, in the dying hours of the day, did the sun broke past the ominous clouds to give me a glimpse of what tomorrow may bring.

So while the rain continued to fall, the sun burst free to bless me with an awesome sunset. The painted sky was a perfect end to a long day. There is a saying in English and I am not sure if it transcends South Africanisms, it is the words for when it rains while the sun is still shining, we call a sunshower a monkey's wedding or in isiZulu umshado wezinkawu. But in Afrikaans it has a more interesting twist, jakkals trou met wolf se vrou, translated it means that the jackal is marrying the wolf's wife. I think in Afrikaans it just sounds just right or should I say perfectly wrong for a sunshower.

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