Monday, 10 September 2012

Let them eat Amakhekhe

Tonight was our home group's turn for manning the "Under the Bridge" feeding outreach. So I left work the earliest I could and rushed over to BBC to start preparing the food parcels. Normally the food parcels consists of a large piece of polony, half a loaf of bread and a packet of crisps.

This time was slightly different as our home circle decided to each bring two pockets of oranges which allowed us to give each person who came for food two oranges each. There was quite a few oranges left over so we decided to take these later to the Hillbrow shelter. Someone also donated quite a few packs of Amakhekhe so we added one each into each food parcel. Amakhekhe are small cakes which are in between scones and cup cakes without the cup. While we packed the amakhekhe into the food parcels the words "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche" came to mind. Although misattributed to Queen Marie Antoinette, let them eat cake is exactly what we did. We gave them amakhekhe and oranges with their bread.

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