Sunday, 30 September 2012


So far it has been a terrible weekend of fever and bedridden days. With my body clock all screwed up, I woke up in early hours of this morning and pottered around on my computer. I hadn’t eaten since Friday so I made some toast and coffee but after a few sips of coffee I became nauseas.

I needed to get out and I went over to Café Sofia and joined all the Vespa and Lambretta riders for Sunday breakfast. I arrived just after James, shown above. James rides a very old Lambretta. I decided to try a small breakfast but replaced the coffee with juice. This merger breakfast was my first meal of the weekend and it tasted so good and I was extreme full afterwards. Luckily the breakfast stayed down although I had cramps and a sore tummy.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry that you've been so ill. I trust your breakfast marked the turning point and that you will soon be all healed. :)

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