Saturday, 8 September 2012


Saturday finally arrived which I eagerly awaited since today was the Joburg Photowalkers' Feast for the Eye Photowalk in Fordsburg. I was hoping Matthew would be able to use my new PowerShot Canon S100 camera but alas it is still sitting at Cameratec waiting spare parts. At only two months old, Canon should have simply just given me a new replacement camera but no, they are waiting for spare parts from where ever. I don't even now what is wrong with the camera. Anyway Craig came to the rescue and loaned Matthew his old Canon 500D body. So off we went cameras in hand to the see the spices.

There was lots to see in Fordsburg if you into bargain shops, spices, and South Asian cuisine but I am into people, so I was looking for good everyday people shots and I think I got a few. A collection will soon to be uploaded into a Facebook album. It was also a day for Matthew to look through a lens for the unusual and I think he had a good start today. Now this photo tells a story. Firstly there is Matthew, camera in hand walking through a flock of pigeons feeding. He is followed by a giggling group of young Muslim school girls from Benoni and all the while, a motley crew of photographers focuses on the pigeons taking flight before the feet of the youngsters.

After the photowalk, we ended up at the Bismillah Restaurant on Mint Street. This restaurant had a much better décor but slightly more expensive than the last one that we went to before, ah yes the Al-Mehran which is just around the corner from the Bismillah. I ordered a Mutton Korma with extra meat for R68.00 which by northern suburb prices is very reasonable. When my food arrived I got served a Mutton Karahi instead at R79.00 a bowl. Not causing a fuss I settled for the Karahi and was pleasantly surprised that is tasted very good even though we were overcharged.

But to Craig's learned tastes, which he got from loving the Southern Indian style of curries, the karahi was very bland and that Cyber Curries in Douglasdale still haven't been dethroned. Oh dear, clearly I haven't got a pallet for curries as I found that my last curry I ate at Cyber was way too salty for my delicate taste buds. Anyway Craig is the connoisseur on curries so I will take his expert word for it. Final word, a good curry will keep the flu away.

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