Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Captain Morgan

To Life, Love and Loot, now that is an acknowledgment I can live for. The first summer rains have finally arrived and washed away the grim of a dry winter. The first rains in Africa means gone is the winter along with all the nasty nasties. The rains also mean I have to ride in it, so while I was preparing my rain suit for my ride home Delia snapped this photo, oh and I did strike the Captain Morgan pose.

As I wipe away the large drops from my face, I know summer is finally here and can salute to Life, Love and Loot. Arrr me hearties, now where me buxom Morganettes?

1 comment:

Bing said...

I love your Vespa! It's such a cool way to move about in the city. =)

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