Sunday, 5 August 2012


They say that Walkhaven is a little "peace" of countryside, freedom for your dogs to romp and swim. I don't go that often as it is at least a 15 min drive down the N14 freeway.

My pack of three Italian Greyhounds and a Whippet puppy were starting to get restless as I haven't taken them for a walk for over a week. No it is not because I have been lazy, it is because, two of my dogs have been neutered and the post operative patient care states that I should restrict exercise for a week after surgery. But today I just had to take them socializing, so Walkhaven it was.

Walkhaven is situated just north of Muldersdrift is a beautiful place to take your dog off lead and amble around two dams, have a picnic, braai (barbeque) or even sit on the deck and have a drink. While a large number of dogs enjoy swimming in the water, Skye, states "Brrrrr, they are crazy, the water is freezing. It is called Walkhaven not Swimhaven, stupid!"

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