Wednesday, 15 August 2012


I don't think I ever had a Laurence on this blog before, oh I actually did but his name was Lawrence. Now this Laurence looks very similar to his sister Liz. As a matter of fact a photo of the other Lawrence was my 8th post ever on this blog and Liz, the latest Laurence's sister was my 12th post, that was way back in January 2007.

Anyway back to the new Laurence. Now he works at the Metal Cross Vehicle Makeover Clinic where I took my Vespa Anastasiya this morning. When we were building Anastasiya, we found that with the larger LX150 wheel fairing on, it touched the body when turning. So the ET4's wheel fairing was left on but under strong braking the nose of the Vespa dipped and touched the smaller fairing. Therefore a little professional remodeling was needed on my Vespa and Metal Cross was just the place. They do the best vehicle makeovers and small scratch repairs in the northern suburbs. Well only the best will do for my little princess.

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