Monday, 25 June 2012

Red Delia

This morning Delia came to work with this red top on peeping from behind a black jacket. It made an awesome contrast that I thought it would be a perfect test for the built in Creative Filters of my new Canon PowerShot S100 camera. I selected the monochrome filter with the colour accent and this was my result with a little change to the default colour from green to red. Please note no external software like photoshop was used. It is just select the colour you want to accent and then shoot in monochrome. By the time I took the photo Delia had taken off her black jacket and had a red apple on her desk. I am quite impressed the outcome of the photo with its black lines caused by the blinds.

To get awesome photographs it is not the camera but the photographer but to have a camera like the Canon PowerShot S100, it does make it easier.

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