Sunday, 1 April 2012

Take me to the water

I woke up this morning from a weird dream which was still vivid in my mind and although still very early, I phoned each one represented in my dream straight away to see if they are okay. This is not the first time that God had given me such a dream; I will put my dream to post soon on my other blog where I rarely post. My other dream still resides there to this day.

After a wet summer, it seems that winter has arrived early this morning, as took a stroll in a chilly 7˚C down to the waters of the great dirty Jukskei River. The icy wind tore right through me while I tried to generate heat by a frisk pace and all the while my mind was trying to make sense of the dream.

Down by the water's edge, it was even colder, but a singing and clapping of hands drew me ever closer. As drew nearer, a group of Zionists all dressed in white greeted me with big smiles on their freezing faces as they were getting baptized in the blessed Jukskei River. Now who would have thought that there was religion in that dirty water? It must have been freezing in the water but the Zionists had the biggest smiles on their faces as they saw me and invited me closer to the cold water's edge. After a Zion Christian Church (ZCC) congregant gets prayed and splashed on with the holy river water, they emerge reborn anew with their old selves floating down the dirty but blessed Jukskei River. So take me to the water of the blessed Jukskei. Take me to the water where none but the righteous shall be saved.

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2Summers said...

My God, they must have been cold! (Pardon the pun.) Cool photo.

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