Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Dog Treat Ball

Since my dogs are all alone at home while I am at work, I have made sure that every month I buy a new toy to add to their now growing collection of dog toys. These toys are supposed to keep them from getting bored. What also helps is the activity that happens every so often on the plot, for example one of the labourers walks past the cottage or washes up just outside and my pack get all excited running up and down the cottage's wooden fence. Sam, my animal behaviorist friend after watching my pack get all excited when the gardener walked past said that it has become a game to my pack. But I know that they get great joy hearing me on my Vespa coming up the road as I see them run up the stairs to see if it is me then rush back down towards the gate waiting expectantly.

This dog ball which I purchased last month is great, Skye, my Whippet puppy, loves chasing and bringing it back to me while my three Italian Greyhounds ignore it unless I put a treat inside, then they won’t share it at all.

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