Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Happy birthday Robyn

To celebrate Robyn’s much older than me birthday, a breakfast and photowalk was arranged to the small rural town of Heidelberg, just south of Johannesburg. The town, named after a city in Germany, started in 1862 as a trading store run by a German who came from Heidelberg in Germany.

We started the day with breakfast at Her Majesteas which is a quaint Victorian styled restaurant. Afterwards we went on a walkabout led by John, a local photographer. The walk led us past the Town Hall, a groot kerk (a large stone church) in the middle of the town, Heidelberg Club, the Tronk (the jail) which is now the Shellhole then the walk ended up at the old cemetery just outside town.

All in all a wonderful morning in Heidelberg with friends, what more can I ask of the Freedom Day holiday since the government decided to celebrate Robyn’s birthday by granting her a public holiday. Today's photo is of Robyn in the Heidelberg Tronk. I will post the rest of the photos in a Facebook album.

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