Saturday, 31 March 2012

Great Italian, Dane and Whippet

In the early hours of this morning, a storm hit us with such ferocity that I had to go shut the front door because rain was coming inside. The storm had dissipated within an hour and I had to get out of bed again to open up the front door so my dogs can go out to inspect.

I finally surfaced just after 7am still tired but got ready and took my dogs for a morning walk at Emmerentia Dam. I was not surprised to find many other dog walkers doing the same plus many off road cyclists training. Here is my Italian Greyhound, Maxy and my Whippet, Skye meeting a Great Dane who towered over them. The Great Dane's owner said that her dog does not like small dogs and was surprised to find that her dog actually loved my Italian Greyhounds and Whippet. It not the size of the dog that counts but the heart in the dog.

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