Friday, 23 March 2012

Cable Theft

Well what can I say other than some &%#@! stole the electricity cable in our suburb during the early hours of this morning. More like around 3am this morning. Anyway, that didn't bother me much as I received a message that power will be restored some time in the morning. So arriving home at 7pm this evening and finding we still didn't have electricity didn't go down well with me. So cranking up the ISO, I took this photo of my three Italian Greyhounds and one Whippet with whatever lights I could jury rig up. From left to right are Skye, Maxy, Patch and Jade.

I was fearing that we would be left in the dark all weekend but the Eskom workers who were still working down our road must have wanted to get home for the weekend themselves so not too long into the evening power was restored.

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