Sunday, 11 March 2012


Today has been a slow lazy start of the week. First it was off to BBC for the morning, where afterwards it was catching up with friends. Here is Bridgitte, a friend originally from Cape Town and now working for marketing at Tiger Brands Head Office in Bryanston. She was with her mom and John, the sailing Aussie who is planning to bring his yacht over to South Africa. Chatting with John who races with his yacht, tells us that his yacht is designed to go through the swells and not over. I think I would be rather afraid going on his yacht. But come to think about it, swells are like the ups and downs of life. You could simply just ride the swells or if you need to reach your goals quickly, you can go straight through. Scary but quicker.

After BBC it was back home for the afternoon and much later Matthew and I took the dogs to Kingfisher Dog Park to walk, no run the dogs. Skye is starting to keep up with Maxy but tires quickly.

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