Saturday, 11 February 2012

Whippet vs Cornish Rex

Wow I am doing a lot of this versus that lately, but so what this is my blog. Matthew and I took Skye over to Dr Doolittle's to get Skye's second lot of vaccinations this afternoon. I call Mike and Ruan's place in Timsrand, Dr Doolittle's because of all the animals there. We arrived just as Mike was finishing off with the Guinea Pig Association judges' training that took up most his Saturday. Dr Doolittle's was interesting place for Skye with all strange animals to be found there. Not counting the many animals outside and the humans, in the lounge itself there was about 10 prize winning guinea pigs, a Saluki with two pups, four Italian Greyhounds, a Maltese Poodle, and to Skye's surprise two Cornish Rex kittens.

Now these two kittens are Skye's first cats that he has ever come across and he found them just as playful as himself. In a way I think they played well together with the kittens escaping after their playful attacks on Skye to newly found hideouts and out smarting Skye often. But soon Skye started learning their sneaky tricks and started blocking their escapes, to which he was rewarded with warning hisses. Cats go figure.

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