Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Puppy Training

Not that I wanted to take Skye to puppy training but I just didn't have the time. Sam, the animal behaviorist organized that I go to 4 weeks of puppy school. I know that puppies are impressionable and early schooling can eliminate a lot of behavior problems later in life but, yes but, I sometimes worry that puppy school has become more of a business than schooling. What I am trying to say is that it is become more about money as delicacy as possible without stepping on any toes or offending. Sam, bless her, she really has my dogs at heart.

Anyway this afternoon, after rushing from work, narrowly avoiding the rain, I rushed to my first lesson at puppy school. I can see that Skye was a handful but he enjoyed playing with a Jack Russell Terrier about his own age. They were moving fast and I had the wrong focus settings on the camera but from this photograph, you can see the size difference between a Whippet and a Jack Russell at the same puppy age.

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