Friday, 24 February 2012

Palladium Online Accounting Software

I came across this website for Palladium accounting software last month while doing research for online accounting software firm. What struck me was that Palladium offered a scaled down version of their accounting software solution for free, online. So I tried to download it for evaluation for home use but the download link did not work, well never mind, I thought at the time.

Yesterday, I came across Palladium again and I tried the download link again using different browsers to no avail. This time I sent them an email informing them, that they weren’t very customer orientated because they didn’t know that there was a broken link on their free software download or did they? By afternoon Abel from Palladium Accounting had phoned me asking if I could pick up a copy at their offices in Fourways.

All righty, I live just the other side of Fourways so it won’t be a problem popping in for a few minutes to pick up a copy on the way to work this morning. That would be R50 for the DVD. What! I thought it was for free, yes it is but that is for the DVD, but blank DVDs don’t cost that much. I wonder what ACASA, the Association for Communication and Advertising regulatory body of South Africa, would say about this. What if I bring my own memory stick? Thank goodness they said yes to that.

So this morning, I arrived at Palladium Accounting to get my free copy of their online accounting software loaded onto my memory stick. Thinking it wouldn’t take long, how wrong was I. An hour later, they came downstairs with my memory stick stating that it is taking too long to load, could they put it onto a disk for me and I can pick it up later. Not once did they mention the R50 that was told to me over the phone. Already very late for work, I said yes and they must leave it at security for me to pick up on the way home.

While waiting in the foyer of Palladium’s offices, I took this photo of the cleaner lady who look like she was about to burst into song. Well the halls seemed to come alive with the sounds of music.

After work, going pass just before six in the afternoon, my disk with the Palladium Accounting software was waiting for me. Now I need to load it and try it out but that will be only next week as no one in their right mind does accounting over the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like the gent charging the R50 is subsidising his income?

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