Thursday, 2 February 2012

Just Chill

Just Chill, that is what the doctor ordered as he gave me a chill pill. Today was the buck stops at you kind of day which I tried to shrug off but one of the partners had to go bring it up all over again 6 hours later as a big joke at my expense. Not cool. Anyway with uncertainty still hanging over my head I did well to let it pass.

Edmund invited me to hang out at the Just Chill, which in a way I needed. At Broadaches Centre on Cedar Road, Fourways is the Just Chill, it is not just a cafè or restaurant but it is a new kind of place where you can just go and just chill out at any hour of the day or night. From pizzas to cocktails and comfy sofas what more do you need to just chill. Problem is on weekdays they close at midnight while weekends it is open 24 hours. Now bring me my caffè latte before this sofa changes to a pumpkin.

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