Thursday, 12 January 2012


Dr House, not his real name, and his team still hasn't found what is causing my sister not to be able to eat. The specialists and doctors can see all the swelling in the throat walls but nothing indicating what is causing it. With another battery of tests completed today and nothing to show for it, just another likely cause to cross off the list of possibles. They even x-rayed her hands, now I am not sure how her hands are linked to her throat, go figure.

Oh, one good thing was that Theresa managed to eat some soup today without gagging. It is the first bit of food pass her throat in over three weeks. But I suppose it isn't funny but I had to laugh when Theresa went on to tell me that after lunch when examined by the ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) specialist she threw the soup all up. Luckily it was on the floor and not on the ENT's lap. The ENT was surprised that even with local anesthetic Theresa's gag reflexes still managed to work so well.

What is a bit concerning is that in the scans they can see possible evidence of a slight hernia near the celiac plexus. Tomorrow they are going in with an endoscope to check the back of the throat, the throat muscles and down to the stomach, stopping to see if it is a hernia that is showing on the CAT scans. If it is then they may have to operate. Along the way biopsies will be taken and tested.

So even though all the wise men are still in the dark, Theresa is still managing to smile and is praying for a break through soon.

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