Monday, 30 January 2012

Buya ekhaya

I rushed early from work this afternoon to get to BBC on time as it is our Home Circle's turn to man the kitchen for "Under the Bridge" program which is a feeding scheme the homeless living along the streams and rivers in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. It is hard to believe that in a well to do areas of Johannesburg there are people living on the edge with nothing but the clothes on their back.

We soon got organized. I was cutting the bread, Brenda was packing the bread into bags, Jackie was cutting the baloney while Sandy and Emmerlina were packing the baloney along with some crisps into the bag with the bread. Oh and Gary said he was supervising. Soon we were done and I looked outside to see the multitude which was starting to arrive. Khaya, shown above, along with his worship crew started them singing African Christian songs in the all too familiar rhythm. With my kitchen chores done and dark ominous clouds gathering overhead, I said my goodbyes and headed off home on my Vespa before the rain came. I was heading safely to a roof over my head while these singing people will soon be heading back under the bridge.

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