Thursday, 15 December 2011

Long Weekend

Tomorrows Day of Reconciliation marks the official start of the Christmas holidays for many South Africans. The builders break for the summer today.  All the children are on their holidays for a few weeks already. And all of the sudden all the roads leading out the city become jammed with holiday traffic. People rushing down to the coasts or head north to the neighbouring states. 

Matthews and my plan is to stay here in Jozi as I am still working till the 22nd. The city is pleasant when most are away on holiday. But I am not planing on staying for long as we'll head off to see family in the slow-veld of Mapumalanga and in January when most holiday makers head back to the city, Matthew, Maxy, Patch, Jade and myself will make a quiet trek to the north coast of Natal. In the meanwhile we will make the most of this long weekend.

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