Saturday, 31 December 2011

Cool Bear

Our trip down to Mapumalanga wasn't without incident. Oh we had a safe trip but all around us chaos reigned. Half way down the heavens opened up and it was monsoon type rain all the way to Nelspruit. By monsoon I mean even the roads were flooded so much so that I feared we would be stranded because my car does not like water but we slowly inched our way to our destination while other cars pirouetted all around us. Yes Matthew and I had to witness a red BMW coupe aquaplane and started spinning spraying water in this slow motion spin pass us that is only seen in movies. Later sparks flew as a powerline was hit by lightning just to the left of us. We saw the sparks erupt then a blinding flash followed by the bang.

But the deluge only let up just before Nelspruit. It was like we had our guardian angel alongside us all the way. So now we are sitting safely in the comfort of our accommodation in Nelspruit while as the last few minutes of 2011 tick by I wondered what to call this blog post. Then it came to me. My sister, who lives in Nelspruit, met us in their car which is a GWM Coolbear. I mean who names a car model Cool Bear? The Chinese obviously. Hence I have decided to name our guardian angel Cool Bear and this blog post. Hey dude or is that dudette, I hope Cool Bear is kwel with you, and again thanks.

For 2012, I pray that it will be an awesome year for all my readers and of course for myself.

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