Wednesday, 16 November 2011

On a Hot Summer's Night

Would you offer your throat to the wolf with red roses? Late afternoon I went to pick up Sophia from Paulo's mechanic and the plan was to join our small group of Vespa friends, the Posers Scooter Club for another evening run. But it was all disappointment when Sophia with a new clutch still had a problem. She is trying to take off in third gear which is not right. This time a roller is expected to be the culprit.

Now being posers, that didn't stop us still doing an evening ride. So Paulo and I loaded Sophia up onto the back of Sassette, my bakkie/pickup, and off we went to join the others for a hot summer's night ride. The wild and free poser posse consisting of three Vespas, including one on the back of a bakkie and a Hog headed for the Schwarma Co. in Norwood for supper. With Meatloaf rocking from the bakkie and Neil Diamond from the Hog, we were defiantly the Posers Scooter Club.

Later on we sat at a side walk cafe called Piccola Prima Donna, being simply good friends. You took the words right out of my mouth.

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