Friday, 21 October 2011

A night in Fordsburg

Going home this afternoon, a quiet evening was on the plans but a phone call from Paulo blew that out of the water. The Posers, that's us, a small group of Vespa friends who go out often together are heading to Fordsburg for a lekker curry.

So off four Vespas went into the night heading for Fordsburg, a vibrant Muslim area of Johannesburg. We arrived at Mint Street with a flurry of turned heads of evening market shoppers and street café patrons drinking Turkish coffee. Vespas in Fordsburg on a Friday evening, intrepid, but that is the Posers for you, we don't do the ordinary. We ended up at the Al-Mehran restaurant in Fordsburg. I don't think that they are Indian but Pakistani because the curries were good but I must say that their biryani was not up to the Durban standards. The biryani was very poorly done. Indian's make the best biryani ever; well it is one of their traditional meals.

The ride back was also spectacular, with some ideal stretches void of cages (cars) that we could ride four abreast. Paulo put it nicely; we were like the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Yes a splendid evening out by the Posers Motorcycle Club.

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