Saturday, 7 May 2011

Lost in Mabalingwe

Before I continue, I must say this, last night while trying to find Ingwe in the dark we found ourselves on a very straight tar road which at the time reminded us of an airstrip. The next morning we found out that it was. Great start to our weekend.

After Geoffrey joined us this morning from Johannesburg, we decided to explore Mabalingwe. We started with a hike and later a drive to find the Kalahari Oasis. Now Craig's car is an older Audi A1 which he states is not Quattro but the rest of us all thought it was. Now with four good looking, big strapping young men all piled in, we went off road. Let me state that yes we did get lost a number of times. There was no one to ask directions and the map we had was very wrong or maybe it was our map reading skills. At least we kept the GPS on to help us find our way out. But anyway we finally found the Kalahari Oasis and the best pomp in town. Well we could not stay long as we did not have much light left and Laura was expected soon at our chalet. Well you didn't expect four guys to be able to look after themselves do you?

But getting back to our chalet turned out just as difficult as getting to the Kalahari Oasis. Someone turned the GPS off which recorded our route like bread crumbs. The photo above shows Craig at a telephone booth trying to get directions back. After a few wrong turns, well many wrong turns the rain started bucketing down and it got dark quickly as it tends to do in Africa. Well we inched our way back to camp laughing so much (well everyone except Craig as he was very stressed) and getting quite wet in the process. Then it was time to get the log fire roaring, the braai on the go and couple of games of Citadels to finish the evening off.

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U sure this man is not from Sicily Mmmm

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