Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Johannesburg has been trashed again by the striking municipal workers. Things are getting better on the home front but the stress of it all is taking its toll. At our home cell group Francis and Emmelinah were feeling cold but I was falling asleep due to stress and simply the lack of sleep.

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Mariposa said...

keep on praying. I hope things get better eventually.
there was a sermon in church last saturday and the preacher told a short story which could encourage you. Here it goes:

There was a man who had a Huge rock next to his home.It blocked him completely of the beautiful view and also his neighbours. So one day he asked God how he could move the rock away. So God told him to keep pushing the rock everyday. So that's what he did. For a month, he pushed and pushed, and soon after, satan comes and tells this man; "you've been pushing this rock for a whole month, and it hasn't moved an inch!" Come around, I'll show you that it hasn't moved at all..So the man saw that what satan said was true and he got upset with God. So the next day, he didn't want to push the rock, and God asked him - "why aren't you pushing the rock?" He replied;"I've been pushing for a month now and the rock hasn't moved at all, Lord I'm tired of trying to move it."

Then God replied, "Your job is to push the rock, My job is to move the rock".

So keep pushing my friend and God will move it in His time.

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