Friday, 26 May 2017


Thank you very much, Mr Roboto, no sorry wrong song but thank you very much Siyabonga and Nkuli.

In December went into a Vodacom shop and tried to move a data account from an unused number to my main cell number but the assistant said that they couldn't transfer, fair enough so I cancelled my unused data account and then opened a new one on my existing number or so I thought.

I have had endless conversations between myself and Vodacom monthly up to a point that they became a little heated. Even when recordings were requested, nothing came to light to why I was still being charged for my unused data account and had no data on my existing number.

So it reached a point that I had to go to Vodacom's head office and demand I speak to someone who can help me sort Vodacom’s mess out. Nkuli called Siyabonga to help out and he got to the bottom of everything.

It transpired that I did cancel my data account in December but instead of opening a new data account someone fraudulently reopened my closed account and put the data there. So with Siyabonga’s help Vodacom are going to reimburse me since December and Nkuli is going to fix my data on my current account. Happy Days. Oh and Siyabonga’s name means "we are thankful".

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