Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Marvellous 3 Inch Nails

Yes 3 nails caused Lynda to be stranded on the side of the road yesterday evening on the way back from work. Let me start from the beginning, Lynda left work but did not get very far as she discovered that she had a flat tyre. Firstly it was getting dark which is not funny, plus the jack of her car had become stuck and difficult to remove from its storage place to be used so after phoning me, I called the Discovery Insure’s Roadside assistance to come to her aid, isn’t that what we pay insurance for.

About an hour later a person called Marvellous from TMA Towing & Recovery arrived representing Discovery Insure in a clapped out Volkswagen Golf. He had to pop the bonnet to switch the car off, and later to start the car with a whine of a loose fan belt in a way the only VWs can do.

Anyway Marvellous was very courteous and helped Lynda change her tyre, thank you Marvellous.

So now today, I had to take Lynda’s car in to get her tyre fixed. I didn’t want to go nowhere near Tiger Wheel and Tyre Woodmead which was just down the road, since the petrol incident and are now known by their acronym TWAT. Instead I decided to take it to the Rivonia branch of Tiger Wheel and Tyre. The guys fixing the tyre discover 2 large nails about a inch long in the tyre and they informed me that another tyre also looked suspicious as it was half flat. Behold a third nail was found. Uhmmm.

Marvellous 2 new tyres later and a rather lighter pocket, Lynda’s car is back in action.

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