Sunday, 19 March 2017

Ingress vs Pokémon

Last week I got a call that today was going to be an Ingress Missions Day, now we haven’t played Ingress for a very long time as Pokémon has taken over and for me even that is not played that often.

Anyways Lynda, Robynne, Rebekah and I joined the diehard Ingress players for some Ingress missions. So both augmented reality games are made by Google Niantic but which one is the better. Ingress is geekier leaning with team battles but Pokémon is more a children’s game and easier to play. We had to relearn Ingress as it has been a long time but half way through the day after following a couple of missions, Ingress went out of the window and Pokémon took over.

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