Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Chilli Veg

Wow the vegetable garden outside our kitchen is alive with beautiful vegetables, herbs, and chillies. This evening when Lynda came home, she went out into the garden to get some fresh produce to add to her supper of bangers and mash which I had prepared.

A few weeks back I picked some chillies to add into the dish I was preparing. Now not one for chillies, my knowledge is rather slim so I phoned a friend. I described the chillies to Craig over the phone and he said from what I described that they don’t sound that hot but that I should bite one and taste, mind you just the tip he said, so that is what I did. Yummy the big one that I bit into, similar to the big one in the above photo tasted nice and sweet, must be a pepper so I went with that one for the dish. I cut up the pepper nice and finely. Just as I was going to add it to the dish, I thought that I better do one more taste test, so I took a small slither and popped it into my mouth expecting a sweet tasting pepper and not hot chilli. WOW HOT! my tongue instantly swelled up from the heat of the capsaicin. HOT! I phoned Craig back and said a barely audible thanks over the phone, just what friends are for.

Lynda came back from the vegetable garden with these freshly picked lettuces, herbs, beans, and of course some chillies. Having already burnt myself with these chillies I took a wide berth around them when adding the fresh greens to my supper. I know I must somehow add these red devils to my cooking but for now I’ll take a chill pill.

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