Sunday, 27 November 2016

Cat without a Name

Okay, I am looking for a name for this scrap of a kitten.

A month ago Matthew asked me if we would like another kitten and the answer was “NO”. On Friday when I was picking up his friend Moses to spend the weekend, Matthew asked again and again the answer was no. On the way home with Moses and Matthew, I heard the distinctive mew mew of a kitten from the back. I asked them what was going on and they answered that Moses has to look after his kitten because his mother was allergic to cats. But we were being played, they had no attention of taking the cat home and I don’t like to be played.

We don’t need any more cats, more Italian Greyhounds yes but no more cats. So with no choice in the matter, what shall we call this baby boy cat that looks way too young to be away from its mother.

Names so far are Tut (short for Tutankhamun since it was dumped by Moses and is sure to bring some deadly plagues); Teddy; and Garfield.


Megan de Beer said...

Oliver as in twist
OR Cheddar or
Frodo or Smeedle

Bruce De Beer said...

Ginger Ninja

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