Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Smiling Klipspringer

As usual for the first week of the month, it is hectic. Unmoveable deadlines are looming like a giant tidal wave that is poised to break on my shores. The debris of my personal issues are mixed up in the water and if I am not careful I will get hurt badly. To avoid some of those debris, I had to rush from work across town to Benoni to get a copy of my settlement agreement that is in file because the lawyers wouldn’t accept the copy I gave them only to find the document in file is exactly the same as the one I gave the lawyers down to the court stamp. Only difference was the original on file had the judge’s scribal on it stating that it is Annexure C. Just keep swimming Jerome, just keep going.

Oh well at the end of hump day I shuffled my way to my pick-up, headachy, and a little concerned of all the work that I still have to do by Friday and saw this pair of Klipspringers in the garden. The nearest buck looked up at me and smiled. That is all I needed as things of this world just melted away. Everything will be alright. I now know my name!

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