Saturday, 3 September 2016

Sick over the Weekend

Our entire house is down with the flu virus and with re-infecting each other being a real problem, we are taking the necessary steps in making sure those issues are minimised but that is not easy.

Anyway being sick in bed all weekend is not what anyone asks for, so we decided that we should get out and do something different other than staying in bed all day and all weekend.

Today is Joburg Day which is being held just down the road from us, but Joburg Day means large crowds in the sun and we simple do not feel up to that so we did some retail therapy by buying some pet food for our fur companions. Next door to the Cat Box was a furniture place, so we went inside to look for ideas for our new home.

So here was the sorry pair of Lynda and myself, looking at interior styles and ideas but all we wanted was to head back home and sleep.

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