Thursday, 15 September 2016

Love is in the Air

Do we have some love blossoming here? Uhmm, I have been so sick this week but still at work trying to keep my head somehow about water but deadlines and other things that distract us from living is no concern to these two, Terrence with the love in his life Michelle.

I hope I didn’t put my foot in one such as I usually do, when asking Terrence is this his new girlfriend and what happened to the others. Terrence must have forewarned her as thankfully she didn’t take me too seriously but you should have seen Terrence turn a shade of red that would have made any tomato proud. As always my foot is constantly in my mouth. The only time that it isn’t, is when I’m changing feet. Let the love shine on.

1 comment:

Terrence mailula said...

Lol... What would life be without you Jerome? Keep up the good work. I enjoy following your blog

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