Thursday, 11 August 2016

Outsurance Ripoff

I hardly use my pickup as I commute daily on my Vespa. Somewhere, somehow a stone must have chipped my windscreen and now with the cold weather I discovered a crack in the windscreen about 30cm long.

I pay nearly R1,400 to Outsurance every month to cover two vehicles and my Vespa for the last 5 years with not even 1 claim. Every year they have pushed my premiums higher even when the value of my vehicles and bike are dropping but it is up to me to chase them so that they can reassess the policy (place sad face here).

Now back to the windscreen, I phoned Outsurance and the lady who answered the phone after all the automated choices dutifully went everything with me and informed me that my access will be R1,120 plus that it will affect my no claim bonus. WHAT, I had to go back and look at the policy, and sure enough my accesses are very high and it is a black mark against my name but the worst is yet to come.

They didn’t give me any other choice so I had to pay the ridiculously high access and PG Glass in the form of Abiel (shown above) and Karel arrived this morning to change the windscreen. Afterwards I phoned PG Glass to inquire the price of the windscreen and to my horror I found out that the windscreen that was used for my pickup is on special for the last few months at only R990 fitted. WHAT!!! Now before Outsurance get their panties in a knot and say that was a special and cannot account for it, the normal price fitted is only R1,345. Yes you read correctly. Yes for all the money paid to Outsurance over the 5 years, they paid out a measly R225 and it has affected my no claim bonus.

Surely Outsurance should have my best interests at heart instead of trying to rip me off. Oh they have lost a once loyal client now.

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Jerome West said...

Interesting, someone from Outsurance or their marketing agency is reading my blog or is it maybe it came up on someones Sentiment Alert. But 2 people from Outsurance phoned me yesterday (Monday 3 days after I posted this post). The first call was from a lady who said that management has reviewed my grievance that my no claim bonus was affected and are going to re-instate my no claim bonus. The second call was from from a man who wanted to go through my access amounts payable. He said that if he reduces them, then my premiums will go up. I told him I have someone coming on Thursday evening from to offer me a policy from Discovery. I also informed him that I don't want my premiums to go up so I will wait and see if Discovery can better Outsurance.

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