Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Rocco Sons

Now we have had Rocomamma, and RocoPapa, what is left is Rocco & Sons. So how did we get here, well Eskom is busy doing testing in our area and had switched off the power grid in the morning and put it back on late in the afternoon but when we arrived home, our sector was still in the dark. Eskom said they could only come out about 10pm. Not even fair as they should have made sure all sectors were working before leaving as unbeknown to everyone, thieves had come along and stole the cables near our house. Sigh!

This meant that we had to go out to dinner, so we decided to try the Papachinos in Broadacres, down the road. Oh no where we had no electricity, Broadaches had no water as they were under water-shedding. What is happening to Jozi?

At Papachinios, we found the Rocco & Sons Butchery sign on the wall. Well the food was good with comparable prices, but the drinks very expensive, and due to the lack of water no coffees, even on such a cold evening as tonight.

Although we didn’t need the rest room, does water-shedding meant that the toilets weren’t working and a bucket system is in place?

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