Monday, 20 June 2016

Goodbye Isabella

Some days, I cash in all the bad things, some days, I call it a draw, but today I just took a walk down into the veld, sat down in the dirt and watched a full moon rise over my darkness.

On Saturday evening, I must have lost a tooth filling during supper because from then onwards, I have had a dull toothache which has gotten progressively worse. I tried to get to see my dentist but the closest I can get to see her is Wednesday. And now I heard the bad news that Isabella, my favourite Crowned Crane had to be put down after being knocked over. She was battling with her injured leg which just wasn’t coming right.

So now I sit, overdosed on pain killers, watching the moon shed light. Where’s the tooth fairy when I need her in my darkest month. Goodbye you beautiful bird.

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