Tuesday, 17 May 2016


“Well you see”, mumbled Bokamoso, and the story went something like this, “mommy was driving (the red car) and it was raining.” Yes it was raining all weekend, and “what are those” enquired me as I pointed to the two nearly identical objects in the middle of the page. “Robots!” Now you see traffic lights are called robots here in South Africa and we like to start them young, a traffic light is a robot and your robot is a mechanical machine that are designed to perform repetitive tasks.

Well where was I, oh yes and then I pointed to the squiggly thing next to the robots and had to ask what that was, “mud” came the answer. Mud? Yes, well you see it was raining, and mommy got stuck in the mud now this fun event has been forever ingrained on young Bokamoso's mind, forever.

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