Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Here's Johnny

“Eyes been waiting for you. Do you think you can sneak off without say goodbye?” Johnny Bravo our friendly Grey Crowned Crane, is nearly always the first one to greet me when I arrive in the morning and most times is found waiting by my Scarlet Vespa in the afternoons for his goodbye.

Interesting, when I stroke his crop, Johnny starts making this sound which is very similar to purring as if he enjoys my undivided attention. In the mornings after saying hello, Johnny Bravo follows me down to my office, making sure that he runs interference when anyone comes close, that is if they dare. When I enter my office, Johnny Bravo gets upset and circles the building making very loud shrieking cries as if he wants me to come out and play. And dare forbid someone leaves a door open. A couple of times, while working away in my office, I hear these raptor claws walking down the passage, quite a scary sound after watching the movie Jurassic Park. Next thing Johnny Bravo’s head pops into my office, “Here’s Johnny!”

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