Sunday, 8 November 2015

Home of the Chicken Pie

The dawn broke with some promise and a lick of rain but the African sun was fierce enough to show that it was his time. The few fluffy clouds in the sky don’t seem to bring respite to this hot sweltering Sunday. News from the radio while our aircon worked overtime was that this heat wave is to stay for another week.

At about high noon, we ended up on the veranda of Maggies Farm, Home of the Chicken Pie. The wind was warm which brought no relief until the rock shandies arrived and really hit the spot. We placed our light lunch order and then sat back and enjoyed the view. I ordered a chicken pie with wedges and Lynda the chicken pie with salad.

Okay the seats were hard and the warm wind didn’t help much, but the food when it arrived was tasty and filled the spot although the presentation wasn’t much to write home about. I think the best part was the drinks. What do you expect on a hot summers day like this.

And then seeing that it was safe to come out a brace of ducks waddled out among the tables looking for treats. Of course everyone knows what chicken pies are made from, and so do these ducks.
Quack quack! As safe as ducks.

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