Tuesday, 1 September 2015

ME Motorcycles West Rand

What a start to Spring, two rear tyre punctures within a 24 hour period. The latest one made me see my life flash before my eyes as my Vespa started fish tailing on the highway while going way over 120km/h. Thankfully the car behind me started slowing down as I drifted to a stop trying my best not to lose the tyre completely or dropping my baby.

After making sure that I hadn’t soiled my undergarments, I phoned ME Motorcycles on the West Rand at 0825709995, to set the Project Tyre in motion. Mark from ME Motorcycles had already sourced two new Pirelli tyres two months back but I put it on the back burner due to budget. Now I had no choice, and after patching the current tyre I limped the bike to ME Motorcycles.

Mark has many years working on all types of bikes but his passion is for superbikes and as you can see from the photo above that superbikes come from all over Johannesburg to get that no nonsense Mark touch.

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